Trust Account Auditing

Here at DKM Audit Solutions, we provide trust account audit solutions for both legal practices and real estate agencies in NSW, Australia. With fixed prices, no hidden fees, and a seamless cloud-based approach, we are the preferred external examiner for over 100 NSW based law firms, conveyancers and real estate agents. Conveyancers and real estate agents.


Ability to provide information/documentation electronically or office visit
LEAP, Smokeball, Action Step & Cabenet compatible
Completion of the examination by decade-long CPA, FIPA, External Examiner 5719 ; David Maj
7-day turnaround
Inflation-proof static price of $770.00 GST Inc per audit




Does your law firm’s trust account need an audit?

Trust Money

The NSW Legal Practice Trust Statement and External Examination period commences 31 March each year. Law practices that have received or held Trust Money are required to have practice Trust Money records externally examined annually pursuant to the Legal Profession Uniform Law and the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules 2015.


Whether you are starting up a new trust account or already have one, External Examiner’s Reports must be completed and lodged with the Trust Accounts Department of The Law Society of NSW no later than 15 May.

Our External

Our External Examiner for The Law Society of NSW (no 5719) David Maj, who assists Law Practices with their compliance issues by conducting an examination of their recording of receipts and disbursements of their Trust Account has been performing Trust Account audits and examinations for over 10 years.

What you may need

Bank statements


Deposit Books and/or Electronic Transfer printouts

Cheque Books and/or Electronic Transfer printouts

Receipts & Payments Cashbook

Monthly Reconciliation Statements

Monthly Trial Balance Statements

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